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Commercial Web

Elettra is the Company that introduced the Automatic Blanket washing System working in Impression_ON during the cleaning process; since the very beginning waste reduction was a clear target of ELETTRA !

Fastwash Extreme is the well known trade mark of Elettra’s blanket washer system and everywhere it is strongly related to the waste saving during the production ; Elettra has improved further more its Fastwash introducing the Combiwash configuration specially designed for the Commercial web applications to optimize the washing cycle when working with low quality paper.

Full integration with most of the printing presses has been developed by Elettra to offer to the End User a friendly handling of the system and a clear and easy trouble shooting.

Hereunder you can find some bullets giving information of the “special technical features “ of the different products : why should you select them ?

Not only Fastwash Extreme…. Each product for each section where you have an added value.