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FastWash Extreme for Commercial Web

The Automatic Blanket Washing System FASTWASH EXTREME performs the proper cleaning action on the blanket using a cloth sprayed with a cleaning agent and afterward kept in touch with the blanket cylinder maintaining the printing units in Impression_ON and at FULL Speed:

the combination of a uniform mechanical action and a chemical action of the cleaning agent distributed in an even and uniform quantity on the cloth along the web width guarantees the perfect and reliable washing result during the production.

A complete range of programs is available :

  • production wash : Impression ON - Impression OFF
  • Crawl Wash :Impression ON - Impression OFF
  • Start-up Wash :Impression ON - Impression OFF
  • Run down wash (end of job) : Impression ON - Impression OFF
  • Wash without web in : Impression OFF

Automatic mode is also available during the slice change or after a certain nuber of printing

Fastwash Commercial-web
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Fastwash Extreme
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Fastwash Extreme LEAFLET
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