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Consumables for Commercial Web

ELETTRA has developed the 100% ECOLOGICAL GENERATION of consumables to make a Next Step in the automatic cleaning process
These consumables are Elettra ECO 101 solvents and Elettra ECO CLOTH MESH cloth

Elettra ECO 101 solvents are 100% VEGETABLE BASED SOLVENT. These are formulated and manufactured using only “pure” raw materials (not recycled or filtered or…. ) and absolutely hydrocarbon free in according the most restrictive regulations

ECO CLOTH MESH cloth allows the cleaning agent to reach the blanket directly ,thus increasing the chemical performance reducing solvent waste inside the trays thanks to its higher permeability. Furthermore allows the residuals of paper and inks to be taken by the cloth during the washing cycle.

Consumables for Commercial Web
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Leaflet Elettra ECO101 0.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 2.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 3.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 4.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 5.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 6.2-F3
Leaflet Elettra ECO101 8.0
Leaflet Elettra ECO202 2.0